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Frequently asked questions

On this page, you can create your UNIQR Picture QR code (UNIQR Code). Start by uploading a picture (click above "1. Add image") or choose from one of the sample photos. On the next page, you can customize the QR code with your own URL, and download it to your email inbox.

They are the same! Functionally, UNIQR Codes are normal QR codes, except for the picture and additional styling. Similarly to QR codes, damage, lighting, and/or software used can impact the ability to scan.

QR codes are a powerful marketing & networking tool, but with a key flaw: they all look like jumbled chessboards πŸ€–.

And here's your dilemma - do I put my brand/visuals front and center? Or dedicate more space to my QR code, because receiving QR scans is the best way to convert customers?

Our answer: Both! UNIQR Codes solves that dilemma by merging the two: an image that represents you to your audience, and a QR code for their phones to scan.